Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A little update on who we are

Well this is the fun part where we get to tell you a little bit about ourselves.  "What is So Go ?" you may think. "What's their angle?  And what's that Reynco symbol right there?" as you point to the small red logo on our front page. Well SoGo, is first and foremost a Booking Site for travelers. A simple site that offers Direct Booking for flights, hotels and car rentals. 

YES, we do create packages if you'd like to call or email us.  And YES, we do offer direct Traveler-Agent links right on our 'Packages' Page.  We have discounted vacations and deals accessible at your very whim. You know, when you want to book that spontaneous Caribbean vacation for the weekend? Or when you're up at 2 in the morning and you have to book that New York sightseeing date.  Well YES! That is why we are here! 

And consequently we also get those great deals for flights, hotels and rentals that the other 'not so simple' booking sites offer.  "You've been around for only a few years?" you may want to exclaim.  "So how is that possible?"  Although SoGo is young, novice and classy, (we'd like to pat our own backs) this new site is simply the offspring of a father company called Reynco Inc.

And they have been around the travel industry for over 20 years. The old folks lore is that Reynco started in the heart (possibly the right ventricle) of the Washington DC Metropolitan Area, covering northern Virginia, Maryland and the condensed District.  Back in the hay days when computers look like microwaves, Reynco had started building the foundation of its circuit within the travel industry. And throughout the years they were growing and growing, up and out, up and out, almost kind of a round like growth.  

And because of this prosperity we were able to grasp deals and better rates to keep every traveler happy. Those were the days they say.  But suddenly technology reared its pretty little head; and nobody can resist a face like that.  So after a new haircut, a new shirt and tie, Reynco went on a few dates with technology, fell in sweet digital love and soon after, SoGo was conceived. So here we are.  Reynco's subsidiary childsake is now aboard to help create a new foundation toward the new frontier of today's traveler.  So they can Go everywhere and Enjoy everything.

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