Friday, November 8, 2013

Can we define our direction at

Traveling is definitely the way to go in life. I unfortunately do not travel too often, but a lot more since I started Sogo.  I started Sogo originally in 2009 but it was on halt for a few years due to other needs that had to be focused on. But this site is actually a subsidiary (child company) of Reynco Associates Inc, which is the father company.  They have different divisions like taxes, traveling, shipments, money transfer and etc.  They needed someone to rebrand the traveling portion and desperately needed an online presence. Any company that doesn't nowadays are living in the stone age.  The travel side before normally tailored to the hispanic community that needed to travel to South and Central America, and to the rest of the metropolitan local area. But I wanted to make it bigger. So in 2009 we had the booking engine engineered through our travel technology partners and decided to make a new name.  After a few hours of me and my friend Duncan literally sitting around, we came up with the name Sogo.  Even though Duncan has nothing to do with my site I still give him 50% credit for helping with the name ;).  But even though we have the best connection and are able offer the lowest prices in flights, hotels, car rentals and etc., we still didn't have a direction. So throughout the years I fiddled around on different goals and ways we can go about defining what Sogo really is about.  What has been mentioned to us lately is that people are starting to travel the adventurous and budget minded route which is something we noticed was happening a lot more.  Luckily, we have teamed up with great like-minded companies like G Adventures which does everything that gears away from westernized resorts, cruises and luxuries.  While we ARE able to do all of this, there are people out there that love to travel by backpack.  People who want to go around the world and meet and contact authentic people in their authentic towns and villas, rather than going to Brazil just to stay in a resort all day and eat western food.  But the real nomads and vagabonds.  We have recently teamed up with HostelWorld and now you can book hostels on our site for budget travelers.  In the end we are a full service Agency that can offer everything from hostels, vacation home rentals, to world bound packages like the Aztecs to Zimbabwe. So what is our focus now? Where do we go from here? We love being full service for any type of traveling, but we are a company that still needs a clearer direction to define what Sogo really is.  Well we are at heart adventurers. But our conscious also helped us discover traveling for humanitarian purposes. Not just to relax but to help people in countries abroad.  There are so many types of travelers!  We love for people to get information on where people go and what people do as they travel.  And that is why we made a travel blog section for people who want to share their experiences and encourage, motivate or challenge the reader to see that traveling really does change who you are.  So in the end I guess you could say if someone asks themselves if they should get up and do it, we simply say... so go.

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